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What is CCTV

Closed Circuit Television / Video Surveillance Systems

Crime rates in South Africa is a harsh reality, and is surely a reality we don’t need in our daily lives, make sure you and your loved ones are protected at all times. Security systems like CCTV Security Cameras ensures you have an added layer of security when it comes to watching your home and loved ones, and or your office.

 CCTV Security Cameras allow you to monitor activities on a 24/7 basis, and also helps prevent criminals from sticking around, criminals will go elsewhere when they know they are being watched.


More About

CCTV Security Cameras

Applications for CCTV

Crime Management, Disaster Management, City and community street monitoring, Medical monitoring and diagnosis, Behavioral research, Retail intelligence, and much more.

How CCTV works

A traditional CCTV system comprises of one or more cameras, a recorder, some cables (RJ45 or Coaxial) and one or more monitors to which the images is transmitted.

Types of CCTV systems

Analog, Digital, Network or IP. All systems are still in use today, IP camera systems and Digital video cameras are the most popular type of systems, and the most widely used.


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Where can I find a CCTV Installers?

To get a price quotation for CCTV Installers, click the Request a Quote button and complete the form with your contact details and requirements. We will send your details to our network of suppliers and they will contact you with their quotations for your CCTV installation needs.

Can I get CCTV Installation Quotations for free?

Yes! The service is completely free. You don’t even need to register an account with us, you just complete the quotation request form with your valid contact details and suppliers on our network will contact you with their quotations for CCTV installation services.

Who will I receive quotations for CCTV installations?

We have access to a network of suppliers of CCTV installers that are involved in the sale of Surveilance Equipment. When you submit a quotation request on the site, we will notify these suppliers and they will contact you with their price estimates.

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